To God be the glory for His benevolence and mercy on us. We fervently thanked Him for seeing us through the term. We give Him all praises for making this term another huge success as the students of College Section of the Schools resumed into the purpose built building; it was indeed a delightful edifice suitable to the eye and friendly environment for learning.


The First Term 2019/2020 Academic Session commenced on Monday 9th September, 2019. We expressed our profound gratitude to all our esteemed parents/guardians who despite the current situation of the country amidst scarce and limited resources went out of their way in purchasing all recommended textbooks and necessary stationeries for their children in order to excel in their academic pursuit.


LITERACY DAY: As part of ensuring that we improve the reading skills of our learners and also for them to appreciate the work of art and literary; the school in line with the directive of the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Education picked Wednesday September 25th as Literacy Day.

 A spelling competition was held amongst the learners and winners emerged for the PRIMARY & COLLEGE SECTION of the schools. The winners of the competition were crowned A DAY HEADTEACHER & PRINCIPAL as a sign of motivation and encouragement. MASTER. ADEYEMI MUJEEB and MISS AMINU FATIMAH emerged as the HEADTEACHER and PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOLS respectively. Learners indeed had great fun and gained a lot on this day.


INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD’S DAY: As a school who cherish her female learner and known for that, there is need to stress a popular quote “…he who educates a girl, educates the whole world”. The schools however joined the international community in celebrating the girl child on Friday 11 October, 2019 as the female learners were engaged in a seminar/symposium in order to ensure that their existence is to impact positively to their family, society and the world at large.


COLOUR/FRUIT DAY: As learning is expected to be made interesting and fun like. The two schools celebrated another Colour and Fruit Day with funfair. The event was made colourful and unique as parents/guardians turned out en masse to witness the occasion. Mr. Tijani delivered an inspiring Health Talk. Parents, teachers and learners benefitted from the nutritional talk presented by him. Some parents took part in Creative Art Competition. Indeed, we cannot but thank our parents/guardians passionately for spending their time and resources all to make our day a huge success as varieties of fruits were given by them. The School Management, Staff and Learners say a very big thank you for the kind gestures.


Mid – Term Test:  The Schools Mid – Test began in Week 7 of the Schools’ Academic Calendar which ran through Week 8. The learners indeed showed their academic prowess as the overall academic success of learners was put at 85 percent.


MATHEMATICS COMPETITION: The learners of Primary 5 took part in the ANNUAL NATIONAL MATHEMATICS COMPETITION organized by NIGERIAN TULIP INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE in collaboration with NATIONAL MATHEMATICAL CENTRE. The Ikorodu Centre Competition was held at Ayangunre Primary School, Ikorodu on Saturday 7th December, 2019. We pray and hope for a resounding results.


EXAMINATION: The learners of the Schools were engaged in the First Term Examination in Week 13 through Week 14. We cannot but thank all parents who went out of their way to assist their wards to earn these excellent results.


STUDENT AFFAIRS: The Management of the Schools has however noticed some behaviours among the College learners that does not conforms with the policy, vision and mission statement of the school which we will like to address through this medium so as to get the support of parents and guardians. The use of android mobile phones among the students is on the rise and calls for a serious discussion by all stakeholders. The school does not allow nor encourage mobile phones while in school and the need for such device in school is irrelevant and punishable as far as the policy of the school remains.


It is therefore important that the school needs the support of the parents or guardians to arrest this situation. The school will appreciate the use of laptops to android mobile phones.

Lateness is another shortcoming that has been observed among our learners, based on personal interviews and investigations; it was observed that keeping late night on social media platforms and seeing of late night movies are responsible for their late coming to school. Parents/Guardians should endeavour that all these social vices should be totally curbed or at least controlled.

Our children are our mirror; the perception of who we are is a reflection of our children, therefore the state of our student uniform is very worrisome as it does not goes to project good image of parents and their almamater; the schools will not tolerate student with dirty and tattered uniforms. Also, the management of school will not condone poor handling of notebooks and textbooks going forward. Parents/Guardians are therefore advise to ensure or supervise the maintenance of all items their ward(s) use in school.


SCHOOL FEES: The Management of the Schools want to register our appreciation to all parents/guardians for acceding to the clarion call. We pray that Almighty God, who is the great provider will meet us at every point of our needs.


As you are all aware that the only source of revenue for the school is the fee which we are imploring you to always pay promptly so as to be able to provide effective service you have always been yawning for and also to retain our manpower who are aiding these services.


Deposits can be made in any of these banks: Guaranty Trust Bank; Account Name: Fad – Far Early Life Educational Centre; Account Number: 0015411463 OR Union Bank; Account Name: Fad – Far Early Life Educational Centre; Account Number: 0039717918.


Please note that the SCHOOL REVENUE DRIVE for 2nd Term 2019/2020 Academic Session will commence upon resumption. Parents/Guardians are implore to make pay during this holiday in order to avoid their children being sent back.


In conclusion, we pray and hope that 2020 will be a more fruitful year for all. From the Management, Staff and learners of FAD – FAR SCHOOLS, IGBOGBO we wish you all happy festivity holiday. See you come 2020. God’s willing.