The Summer Classes is expected to kick-off July

All praises are due to Almighty God; the giver and the taker of live. Only Him we worship and only Him we ask for help... Read more

All praises are due to Almighty God; the giver and the taker of live. Only Him we worship and only Him we ask for help. Lead us to the right path; the path of those whom has earns your favour and not your wrath. If not Him who wills.

The Third Term 2018/2019 Academic Session commenced on Monday 29th April, 2019. We expressed our profound gratitude to all our esteemed parents/guardians who has always being part of our success stories.

As a school we thank God for this Great Nation of ours, that despite so many challenges faced as a nation, we believe that God will take charge and fight for the cause of the oppressed.

The Third Term 2018/2019 Session was a very long term for both learners, teachers and indeed parents were exhausted but kept on holding up for the term to come to an end; we are sincerely filled with thanks that we came, we saw, we conquered.

Some of our major activities for Second Term 2018/2019 Academic Session were achieved during this term. One of the activities that the school was able to incorporate in the Third Term 2018/2019 Session is the Primary Excursion to MURITALA MUHAMMED INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 (MMA 2). The experience was really worthwhile for both learners and teachers.

The Schools Mid – Term Test began on Friday 31 May, 2019 and ended Wednesday 13 June, 2019. Also, the Mid – Term Breaks alongside Eid –ul Fitri Celebration were observed-Monday 03 to Friday 07 June, 2019.

SPORTING COMPETITIONS: Due to various public holidays as declared by both State and Federal Government, the sporting activities for this term was not much as the school relay team only had an invited relay from Fidelity Schools as the Male Team came First Position while the Female Team came Second Position.

VOCATIONAL TRANING & SKILLS ACQUISITION PROGRAM: During the term under review, learners were engaged in various skills training acquisition which has help them to be professionals.

Mid – Term Test: This was held in Week 7 of the Schools’ Academic Calendar. The learners indeed showed their academic prowesses as the overall academic success of all learners were placed at 85% percent.

EXAMINATION: The Third Term Examination of the schools began in Week 12 and was concluded in Week 13. We cannot but thank all parents who went out of their way to assist their wards to earn this excellent result.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Despite the clumsy academic week, learners distinguished themselves not just in extracurricular activities but also in their primary assignment which is academic – learning for both internal and external examinations. As we await result of our Senior Secondary School 3 learners, we are hopeful that their result will be awesome just like the previous sets. Also, the BECE Examination for J.S.S3 and MODEL COMMON ENTRANCE EXAMINATION & CAS/PLACEMENT EXAMINATION for PRIMARY 5 which currently still run will all end well with beautiful results.

In addition, parents of learners in the College Section of the school are implore to engage their wards during the holiday period, as course outline have been given to each learners to prepare ahead.

SCHOOL FEES: The Management of the Schools wants to reinforce that the attitude of parents towards payment of all statutory due, which parents had agreed to pay has become embarrassing and unacceptable. It’s in this view that the management of the school has concluded upon resumption of First Term 2019/2020 Academic Session and also going forward, all learners would only be allowed access into the school only with evidence of payment on the first day of school resumption. Therefore, it advise that payment of school fee should be made during holiday and the teller change to receipt before any child can be allowed into the school. This is a decision we are being force to take and on this path we would follow strictly.

DEPOSITS can be make in any of these banks: Guaranty Trust Bank; Account Name: Fad – Far Early Life Educational Centre; Account Number: 0015411463 OR Union Bank; Account Name: Fad – Far Early Life Educational Centre; Account Number: 0039717918.

TRANSPORTATION: It has been however, brought to our notice that some parents are in the habits of delaying the school bus, undermining the efficiency of the School Transport Service. We would like to appeal to parents to prepare their wards before the arrival of the School Bus, as once the bus leaves their premises; parents will be expected to bring their wards themselves. We equally use this medium to appreciate parents/guardians whose wards are using the school transport service for their understanding and tolerance over the various technical and mechanical faults that were encountered during this term. We hope to serve you better in the forthcoming terms.

As our learners match into the long vacation we expect them not to play away all their time. “Preparing early is ending well”. The clock ticks, and time wait for nobody. Parents should engage their wards with programs and projects that will add value to them not the one that will diminish them. The Summer Classes is expected to kick-off 29th July, 2019. Parents are advice to enroll their wards for the lesson. Once again thank you for your patronage.